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24 Aug Tony & Joel

Tony and Joel’s wedding was held at the RSA near Charing Cross – it’s a beautiful building full of history and gorgeous art and suited these two dapper gentleman right down to the ground!  

Tony loves being photographed which is a real pleasure, Joel is a lot more shy but after a little while I could tell he had relaxed and we got some great photos.  The ceremony was held in the aptly named Great Room – an absolutely breathtaking space which is dominated by enormous paintings by James Barry that were painted in the 1700’s. It was a very touching ceremony with some brilliant speeches.

The wedding breakfast was held a floor down in the Benjamin Franklin Room – another gorgeous room that had been decorated so well, and along with a harpist playing while guests filed through it was very stylish.
There was a lot of love in the room for these two, and a lot of laughter for the speeches as well, it really was a very special day for everyone involved.  

These look brilliant!!!! We're so excited about them!
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