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24 Aug Robyn & Paul

Robyn and Paul got married at Kew Gardens!  This is one of my absolute favourite places in London and also the first time I have ever shot a wedding there so it was very special.

Unlike most weddings, I was actually with the groom before the ceremony.  We met at the Coach & Horses in Kew and after taking some photos there we headed over to the Church of St Anne for the ceremony.

I knew this was a very emotional day for Paul, but we still had a relaxed time waiting for Robyn to arrive, and when she did we were blown away – she looked absolutely gorgeous.  I could see from Paul’s reaction that he was blown away and he had a hard time keeping his eyes dry!

After the ceremony we headed over to Kew Gardens for the drinks reception, and a little while later as the skies began to open we headed indoors for the wedding breakfast.  I was very excited as I knew that after the speeches we would be heading out in a golf cart around the grounds of Kew to take photographs and I couldn’t wait.  The rain had started but it was gentle and we took every opportunity we could to capture portraits in every beautiful part of Kew that we could squeeze in.  It was so much fun and we got some great shots whilst having a real laugh in the process.

After we had toured around the park we headed back to the venue for evening celebrations, and more guests arrived into the warmth and happiness of the wedding escaping from the thunder and rain outside.  They really are a great couple and are full of so much humour it wouldn’t have mattered if there was a hail storm or a hurricane outside nothing would dampen their spirits!

Annabel, we love love love the pics. Thank you SO much. I Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for being so wonderful on our wedding day.We thought you were fab...and we had loads of people mention to us on the day, and also since, how lovely you were.