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24 Aug Rebecca & Simon

Rebecca and Simon’s vintage inspired wedding in Essex was a dream.

Everything happened in the beautiful village of Gosfield, the ceremony took place at the stunning Gosfield Church followed by the reception at the spectacular Gosfield Hall – what a venue!

Rebecca contacted me only 8 months before her wedding and luckily I was free, because I would not have wanted to miss out on this.  She had her heart set on Gosfield Hall and I could tell why.  This place is really magnificent – it almost reminds me of Hampton Court with it’s red brick and grand halls and astonishingly huge rooms inside.

Rebecca got ready in the bridal suite…and when I say suite what I really mean is a room the size of a flat in London, it was enormous and absolutely brilliant to photograph.  These two have a wicked sense of humour and we had the absolute best time taking portraits as you can see from the photos.  Lots of hamming it up, pouting and posing it was so much fun – and with such a gorgeous venue as a backdrop it was a real pleasure to shoot.

The day started cloudy and wet (a typical August day in Britain you might say!), but it didn’t dampen their spirits, and by the time the evening celebrations began the sun finally showed it’s face and we got some great shots in the evening light.

Rebecca and Simon really had a blast at their wedding, which made it all the more fantastic to shoot and to top it off they both looked absolutely gorgeous, what a great couple and what a great day.

Oh my god, these are AMAZING! We are blown away. So many great ones! THANK YOU so much xx