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24 Aug Pauline & Alex

Pauline & Alex got married in Normandy at the incredible Moulin d’Andé, a 12th century water mill situated around 100km down river from Paris – and an absolutely magical place.

I travelled from London to Paris on the Eurostar and then headed south on the TER to a little place called Val de Reuil, a few minutes from the Moulin and a world away from the hustle bustle of the city.

Pauline and Alex got officially married at the town’s Marie with an intimate ceremony amongst closest friends and family.  After the official documents were signed it was time to head back to get ready for the day’s celebrations.  

Pauline looked absolutely incredible in her backless dress, which she had finished with a beautiful emerald pendant that she had made herself.  To get to the church for the ceremony we travelled in Pauline’s dad’s campervan – doing it in style!  It was pretty funny and a bumpy ride and definitely the most unique way I have travelled to a ceremony before!

That wasn’t where the uniqueness stopped either… after the ceremony Pauline and Alex jumped into a man powered cart and were pulled all the way from the church to the Moulin by the best men – it was quite a show as we followed them down the narrow country roads in a procession, complete with a bagpiper!  

Drinks and canapés were held in the gardens of the Moulin right by the river, with the sun shining and the trees absolutely bursting with colour it was a truly beautiful setting.  We headed of to shoot some portraits around the sprawling grounds, heading downriver past the disused tennis courts, leafy lanes and sculptures dotted around (the Moulin is an artist’s retreat as well) to where the river widened and the weeping willows surrounded us.

Dinner was to hold more surprises with a table set out for guests with miniature square canvases, where everyone was encouraged to paint their own canvas and leave it with the others to create a special unique memento of the day for the couple to keep.
As the night went on and the sun went down we headed out again for more portraits, and Alex was insistent on getting a picture of them both jumping in the air, which made for a brilliant photo that encapsulates what a fun and warm couple they are.