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24 Aug Isabel & Nicolas

Isabel and Nico’s wedding, well…what can I say other than I absolutely adore these two – we really hit it off on the wedding day and have stayed good friends ever since.

I was back at the Majestic Chateau for this one, and it was another spectacular day in Southern France – this time at the end of summer where the leaves were beginning to turn and the grass was long and golden, it was a really special day.  

Isabel’s friends had clubbed together to buy her a pair of Louboutin’s for her wedding day, and they were totally fabulous of course – although a bit of a nightmare to walk in by all accounts, but how great do they look on Isabel?!

Unlike other weddings I have photographed here, the ceremony was held at the village’s Romanesque church instead of inside the chateau itself and it was really wonderful.

After the ceremony we headed back to the chateau for the drinks reception, and as usual I took Isabel and Nico out around the grounds for some photographs of just the two of them.  This was the first time I have shot there at the end of summer and it really transforms the place – the rich greens have given way to oranges and yellow and bronzes, it was really beautiful.

The wedding breakfast was held outside in the courtyard and with it being later in the year it got dark earlier, meaning that the courtyard was lit up by beautiful little lights that had been draped all around where guests were seated and it was magical.

One of my favourite shots, and indeed the photograph that Isabel and Nico decided to end their wedding album with is Isabel throwing her bouquet at the end of the night and her sister rushing out to grab it – we had such a laugh at this and it really shows the true fun nature of their wedding day!

A massive thanks to you for agreeing to be our photographer, you were a delight to be around and very calming!! We heard lots of compliments from our guests too about how lovely you were!