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24 Aug Fiona & Niall

Fiona & Niall are such a lovely couple, hailing from Dublin and full of warmth and love.

They got married at The Village which, as the name suggests, is a venue that encompasses an entire village in the Gascony region of France.  Yes, an entire village!  

The Village sits upon a hill overlooking a valley that is absolutely teeming with sunflowers in the middle of summer.   The venue has it’s own church as well, and Fiona and Niall flew out their priest to perform the wedding – quite something!

Guests arrived the day before the wedding on coaches and were greeted by an ice cream stand as they filtered through, which put a smile on everyone’s faces after a long journey!  Everyone settled into their own house in the village and drinks and a meal were organised for everyone in the evening which really brought the sense of community together.

The day of the wedding started out overcast with a wind that blew up from the valley, but everyone was in great spirits.  This was actually the first Catholic wedding that I had been to and it was really interesting to see the different customs and also the way everyone was so together and sharing in the occasion.

The champagne reception was held a little walk away from the church, and I went off with Fiona and Niall to get some lovely portraits around the village.  We headed down further into the valley and into the sunflower fields which caused a lot of laughs as they waded through the flowers – but it did make a great photo!  

The evening meal was held in the barn which had been decorated so well with a giant “LOVE” sign at the end which was a real show piece.  We had such a great time working together on the day and so many laughs – they are such a great couple who really treated me as though they had known me forever, it was great.  We also got some fantastic shots in the evening as the sun was going down and later on when all the trees were lit up by fairy lights and candles.
The evening celebrations were raucous and fun, with a fantastic live band and lots of dancing, it was brilliant!

You've really captured the day brilliantly and it's lovely to see so many unposed photos of our family and friends, just caught up in the moment. We really love them, thank you so much.