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24 Aug Danielle & David

Danielle and David – what a wedding!  

I know these two well, I’ve been friends with Danielle since I was very young, and she always said she had no doubt in her mind that when she got married I would be the one to photograph it…which is a huge compliment.  

I was back at the Majestic Chateau in the South of France, which by now is becoming some kind of signature venue for me, and let me tell you I am very happy about that!

It was an absolute joy to photograph, these two are obviously ridiculously photogenic but they also styled themselves so well and looked absolutely gorgeous.

For the first time I’ve experienced at the chateau, the ceremony was held down by the natural pool at the bottom of the grounds.  It was threatening to storm the whole way through the ceremony but it held off, and actually provided the photos with a great dramatic backdrop!  You could tell how much it meant to everyone there that these two had finally got married, and David himself was very much fighting back the tears when he was saying his vows.

Drinks were held up by the fountain in front of the chateau, and after Danielle & David had mingled for a little while we went off to shoot some portraits.  The bridal room has the most amazing crown decoration up on the wall which lends itself perfectly to the type of shots I wanted to get with these two.  I was thinking a kind of Vanity Fair style shoot and it really worked.

The wedding breakfast was held inside the barn, this was precautionary as the rain had been threatening for a lot of the day and the decision was taken to not eat outside in the courtyard, but it totally worked and the barn looked absolutely beautiful.

After the sun went down we headed out again to shoot some more portraits – heading back to the natural pool that is lit up at night and makes a fantastic backdrop.  We then headed back to the evening celebrations, and after the first dance Danielle sung with her dad’s band – what a voice she has!   It was a fantastic end to a really gorgeous day.

This wedding was also featured on Rock My Wedding, take a look!

You did an exceptional job, we literally could not have asked for better shots, you captured the feel of the day perfectly. David and I both loved going off on a few occasions for a mini photoshoot up in our bridal suite and down by the lake. It was nice to escape away from the madness and we got some beautiful shots out of it!