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24 Aug Alison & Matt

Alison and Matt got married with the help of Marry Me in France at the amazing Fairytale Chateau down in the Dordogne region of Southern France, and it’s called the Fairytale Chateau for good reason…

This lovely couple are both from Australia originally but both reside and work in London, the decision to get married in France was simple – it’s beautiful and it’s a place they love and they knew that all their friends and family would absolutely love as well.  The great thing about the chateau as well is that their friends could stay with them since it has tons of bedrooms, so it really was a close knit occasion and you could feel the warmth all round.

It is obviously a big occasion when so many of your guests are travelling over from Australia, and you could tell how much it meant to them that everyone had made it.

I loved Alison’s simple and elegant dressed, finished with a delicate lace fascinator, she looked really lovely.   The sun was absolutely blazing that day, although with them being from Australia I guessed it was no big deal!  The views from the chateau are simply stunning, it is set up on a hill overlooking a valley, and the ceremony was held out the front so guests could take in the view whilst enjoying a lovely intimate ceremony.

Drinks were held outside in garden and guests were entertained by a brilliant 3 piece band.  We took the opportunity to head off into the grounds and inside the chateau to get some lovely portraits, and afterwards rejoin the guests to enjoy more of the sunshine before heading over to the barn for the evening meal.

The speeches were brilliant and really got some belly laughs in amongst the guests, and I really liked that Alison also stood up to speak to everyone – I would love more brides to do this, why should it only be the groom that gets that honour!

As the evening drew on and the sun went down drinks moved back outside while the barn was cleared for dancing, and everyone could party the night away.